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What I Read in November


Starry Night by Debbie Macomber


Sisters of Sorrow #1 by Kurt SutterCourtney Alameda (Goodreads Author)Hyeonjin Kim(Illustrator)

Sisters of Sorrow #2 by Kurt SutterCourtney Alameda (Goodreads Author)Hyeonjin Kim(Illustrator)

Sisters of Sorrow #3 by Kurt SutterCourtney Alameda (Goodreads Author)Hyeonjin Kim(Illustrator)Taj Tenfold (Illustrator)

Sisters of Sorrow #4 by Kurt SutterCourtney Alameda (Goodreads Author)Hyeonjin Kim(Illustrator)Taj Tenfold (Illustrator)

Mage: The Hero Denied #1 (of 15) by Matt Wagner

The Skeptics #1 by Tini HowardDevaki Neogi (Illustrator)

The Family Trade #1 by Justin JordanNikki RyanMorgan Beem (Illustrator)

Mega Princess #1 by Kelly Thompson (Goodreads Author)Brianne Drouhard (Illustrator)

Children’s Book Giveaway on Wednesday

Over at WEAREMAKINGSTORIES.COM, we are doing a holiday giveaway.

When you follow WEAREMAKINGSTORIES on Instagram or Facebook, you are automatically entered to win a copy of Fernando Learns About Helping!

You can also enter to win a copy by joining our newsletter at WEAREMAKINGSTORIES.COM.

Winners will be announced on their respective platforms.  Good luck to you all!

End of Podcast

After nine episodes of No Book Is Safe, I am have decided to pause my podcast making for now.

Podcasting alone makes me feel tired.  It is the same with dictations.

If I am dictating story notes or a blog post while sitting down, I begin yawning after the first or second sentence.  I recognize the frequent yawning as my stress response.

When I get stressed out, I get tired.  I don’t feel a tightness in my chest nor do I get headaches.  I just get insta-sleepy.  I have clear memories of falling asleep in the middle of a fight with someone I was dating when I was in my twenties.

(And, yes, that relationship ended — Nobody’s perfect.)  🙂

So, my podcasting efforts are on hold until I find some podcasting partners or until I figure out how to do this without getting sleepy.



If you have a podcast, let me know.  I’d love to listen.





New Favorite Podcast

Confined to the recliner for the day with a cold (yes-a cold on top of the rib thing).  Perfect time to dive headfirst into a new podcast:  Do By Friday.

Thank you, Matthew, for ruining all other podcasts for me by showing me this one.

The basics:  Merlin, Alex, and Max take turns challenging each other each week.

Examples of challenges:  Train your cat to sit, read Max’s politics twitter feed, and make a series of vlogs.

Go forth and listen.

I highly recommend:

Schroedinger’s Gift

3 Miles is Like This

Mile one.  Walking feels good.  Haven’t done this in a while.  Rib isn’t hurting too much.  This is pretty nice.

Mile two.  I wonder what podcasts are updated?  This is getting a little boring.  Making a loop.  Making a loop.  Maybe, I’ll only do two miles.  I don’t have to do three miles.

Mile three.  Wow.  Is it over?

More Comics

I went back to the comic store today and picked up the first three issues of Runawayby Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, and Matthew Wilson.

I knew nothing about this comic before I picked it up.  I saw Rainbow Rowell’s name and a dinosaur on the cover, and thought yes, please.

There are 12 volumes of Runaways out there already (by different authors and artists).  This series isn’t a reboot.  It picks up where the others left off.

One of the main characters with time travel capabilities went back in time to save the girl he loves who also happens to be the glue that was holding their party together.  Two years have passed, and she is supposed to be dead.  Instead, she is on the floor of an old friend’s home being saved by not-the-most-stable magic.

The art is way cool, and the writing is clean and easy to follow.  The combination of the two made me attach to the characters pretty quickly.

So, yeah.  I like them.

Go read them, so we can talk about them.