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We are in the fourth quarter of 2017 which is basically New Years Eve to people like me.  

As it is October first, I will be solidifying my fourth goals, well, right now.

My 4th Quarter Writing Goals

  • Write the free gratitude short story for the WAMS newsletter
  • Write the free winter short story for the WAMS newsletter
  • Finish the first draft of untitled Sci-Fi project

Bonus Round for Writing Goals

  • Work on world building, character development, and detailed outline for Fantasy Novel (because all of this autumn weather makes me want to write about all of the camping, adventure, and battle)

My 4th Quarter Health/Wellness Goals

  • Meditate for 10 minutes daily
  • Run three times a week
  • Schedule a weekly hiking date with mom

Bonus Round for Health/Wellness Goals

  • Hit 10,000 step minimum daily three weeks out of each month and win tiramisu! (Can win tiramisu once a month!)

My 4th Quarter Community/Communication Goals

  • Create a New Years Resolution worksheet for wellness community
  • Draft and record four podcasts
  • Create four quick YouTube posts per month about read + writing life

Bonus Round for Community/Communication Goals

  • Hold “office hours” videos in private yoga group as well as on Facebook page

The Bonus Rounds are optional.  Therefore, they are not a priority.  I will not put them in my planner or on my to-do list in my bullet journal unless I have achieved or have scheduled all other goals.

I know this looks like a lot, and it would be a lot if I were just starting to do this goal setting thing.  All of these items are completely doable for me (barring any unforeseen circumstances).

Want to Start Goals Setting for Your Writing?

If you want to start goal setting for your writing, health, and community, then you need to pick one goal in each category for this quarter.  More than one goal will be overwhelming to you at first.

Steps to Start

Let’s use the example of writing goals:

  1. Make a list of all of your writing goals on a piece of paper.  Yes, paper.  Not iPad or computer.
  2. Put all of those goals in order of achieveablility.  Which goal can you complete first?
  3. Make the most achieveable goal your only goal in the writing category for this quarter.
  4. Complete that goal by December 31st, and win the goal setting game!  Easy + Simple.

Do this for the wellness category and community category.

The Three Category System

At the end of the day, these three categories are the most important for me to fill:  Writing, health/wellness, and community/communication.

Writing is my business and creative outlet.

Health/wellness is also my business and a pleasure for me.

Community/communication includes spending time with my family, interacting and contributing with my community.

Your categories may need to be different, but I recommend starting with these.

Now, go set your goals and get stuff done!

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