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about me.

Hello.  This is Barbara. I am sure you gathered that by now.

At the time of this post, I have written and published numerous health and wellness articles (this is the area in which I am an “expert”) for blogs and magazines.  Links to those articles to come.

Also, I have written and published four children’s books which were way fun to write during the saggy middle of the novel writing process.

I am a yoga teacher and was a yoga teacher before it was cool in the south.  This makes me a yoga hipster.

I wrote my first book when I was five.  Because I had a stay at home mom and three older siblings, I was writing full sentences pretty well on my own spelling words phonetically.  It was called “The Unicorn Farmer”.  Someday, I will find this masterpiece and give it to you, internet.

about blog.

The blog is a personal log.  Plain and simple.

While you might find advice on writing, reading, productivity, meditation, cooking, outdoorsy things, and so no here, make not mistake:  this is NOT a how-to type of blog.

about projects.

Here are some links to current projects:

NO BOOK IS SAFE – A PODCAST ABOUT BOOKS OF ALL GENRES. (cancelled in November of 2017 due to injury, sickness, and difficulty)
theyogadoer – this is my yoga and wellness site.
wearemakingstories – this website hosts all of the children’s books that I worked on/am working on with illustrator Duncan Ragsdale.

Thank you for popping in.

end of about page.