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Category: 12 Day Writing Challenge

At the time of this writing, this category is a collection of posts from my first ever 12 Day Novel Writing Challenge. I hope to do this again and again until I nail it!

Day 6: I am the machine.

*Video has what some would call language.

Despite my three days of prewriting and planning, I found myself adding characters to my story today in the middle of dictation.  I went with it for a little while and then stopped.  I found myself writing character backstory instead of the actual story.

Many words in the bucket today.  Stopping for a sandwich and another pass at the outline.

Day 3: Found the Saggy Middle

You know what’s nice?  Finding the saggy middle of your story before you write it.  That’s nice.


Day 2: This Might Actually Work

job:  write a sweet romance in 12 days.

motivation:  mom wants the book.  

I am in the second day of my 12 Day Challenge, and I am feeling pretty good.  As the title says, this might actually work.

On Day 1, I wrote a summary.  I noted only the basics of the plot.  I made notes about the story the entire day.  The bones are there.

Today, I made character sheets which led to more notes about the story and setting.

Side note:

I read just about every genre.  The genres that I do not read?  Romance and erotica.

Basically, I am no-netting this experiment.  Between my living sweet romance encyclopedia (my mom) and those two books, I feel like I might be able to pull this off!


My Mom Wants a Sweet Romance Story

A Sweet Romance Story, She Shall Have!


Project:  I have 12 days to knock out the first draft of a sweet romance.  Following the 12 Day Challenge as laid out in 2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron.  Four days of plotting and brain dumping and eight days of writing.

Well, let’s see what happens…