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Okay, so today marks the end of my 12-day challenge.

In case you missed it, I decided to try a 12-day write a novel challenge.  The plan was to plan a novel for four days and write for eight.  I did not follow this plan to the letter.

I did not follow this plan to the letter.

Here’s the score:

Day 1 – Planned my heart out.

Day 2 – More planning.  Planning is fun.

Day 3 – Wrote a little in order to plan better.  Did a little blurb type thing.

Day 4 – Edit children’s book – did not work on the challenge.

Day 5 – Dictated around 2,000 words.

Day 6 – Wrote new children’s book – did not work on challenge

Day 7 – Found flaw in the story.  Corrected in outline.

Day 8 – Published a children’s book and celebrated by playing three hours of Stardew Valley

Day 9 – Wrote four pages longhand.

Day 10 – Wrote more longhand.

Day 11 – Rearranged my current draft, and decided to let it rest.

Day 12 – Started plans for a fantasy novel that will probably take me the rest of my life to write.  Collected all bits for the challenge novel, and decided to let it rest for week before I look at it again.

I am happy I did this.  I think that if I were to not work on anything yoga related or children’s book related, I could finish in three more days.

But, I am in no hurry.  I just wanted to see what I could do.

As it turns out, I can make a pretty good dent in a story when I set some stupid deadlines.

I will try this again. When I do, I will get ahead on my wellness projects and children’s books before doing the challenge.  I might even rent a cabin or something to isolate myself.

Who knows.

Fun experiment.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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