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After nine episodes of No Book Is Safe, I am have decided to pause my podcast making for now.

Podcasting alone makes me feel tired.  It is the same with dictations.

If I am dictating story notes or a blog post while sitting down, I begin yawning after the first or second sentence.  I recognize the frequent yawning as my stress response.

When I get stressed out, I get tired.  I don’t feel a tightness in my chest nor do I get headaches.  I just get insta-sleepy.  I have clear memories of falling asleep in the middle of a fight with someone I was dating when I was in my twenties.

(And, yes, that relationship ended — Nobody’s perfect.)  🙂

So, my podcasting efforts are on hold until I find some podcasting partners or until I figure out how to do this without getting sleepy.



If you have a podcast, let me know.  I’d love to listen.





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