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I went back to the comic store today and picked up the first three issues of Runawayby Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, and Matthew Wilson.

I knew nothing about this comic before I picked it up.  I saw Rainbow Rowell’s name and a dinosaur on the cover, and thought yes, please.

There are 12 volumes of Runaways out there already (by different authors and artists).  This series isn’t a reboot.  It picks up where the others left off.

One of the main characters with time travel capabilities went back in time to save the girl he loves who also happens to be the glue that was holding their party together.  Two years have passed, and she is supposed to be dead.  Instead, she is on the floor of an old friend’s home being saved by not-the-most-stable magic.

The art is way cool, and the writing is clean and easy to follow.  The combination of the two made me attach to the characters pretty quickly.

So, yeah.  I like them.

Go read them, so we can talk about them.


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