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Monday – 15 minute run|1 hour yoga

Tuesday – 25 minute strength training

Wednesday – 25 minute leg day

Thursdays – 20 minute run

Friday – 20 minute elliptical workout

If you are also a #FitWriter, I would love to know about your fit life and your routine to stay healthy while writing.  You can leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram @hellothisisbarbara.  I post little vlogs on Instastories (on Instagram) about my workout, writing life, and things.  It helps to have the support other writers as we work and stay healthy.  I’d happily be your Instagram workout and writing buddy!

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While I am wellness coach (yoga instructor, etc.), I am not a doctor.  So, typical disclaimer stuff:  Talk to your doctor before trying any new exercise regimen.  The advice I give here is an example of what works for me (the writer, Barbara Burgess), and may not be appropriate for you.  Once again, I am not telling you how to live your life.  Blah, blah, blah.  Full disclaimer here:


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