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Staying healthy as a writer is the same as staying fit as anything else.  You have to make a plan, establish some rules and habits, and stick to them.  Put on your big writer pants, and do your job.  Take care of your body so that you can keep writing FOREVER!

My plan is:

To work out five days a week, and write five days a week.

Have weekends off from my writing, the gym, and my pedometer while making an active lifestyle.

My rules are:

  • I have concentrated writing time five days a week between 2p and 4p with squat, sit-up, and push-up breaks every 20 minutes.
  • I work out for at least 20 minutes Monday through Friday.
  • I hit 10,000 steps a day every day.

I stick to these rules and this plan by:

  1. I make a gym appointment in my daily planner.
  2. If I miss my gym appointment, I have time scheduled in the evenings to make up what I missed.
  3. I have a Garmin step counter on my wrist and a pedometer on my phone.  If I don’t get my steps in, I’ll know and can make it during my “make up what I missed” time.
  4. I use the Writeometer app to track all of my projects.  I have the timer set for 20-minute writing bursts.  Every 20 minutes, I take a 10-minute break to do squats, push-ups, sit-ups or walk the dog.

My weekends are active by:

I currently teach a yoga class on Saturdays.  I can go kayaking or hiking.  Easy stuff.

This is how I do it, but that doesn’t mean that everything I do will work for you.  Perhaps, by seeing how I make it work, you can make your own plan of action and take control of your health while maintaining your creative output.

Good Luck + Happy Hunting

My Week in Workouts

Monday – 1 hour of yoga

Tuesday – day off due to allergy issues/double up on Wednesday

Wednesday – 3.85 mi hike on trail labeled difficult; 1 hour of yoga

Thursdays – light 20 minute hike/walk (some woods, some pavement)

Friday – 30 minutes of yoga

If you are also a #FitWriter, I would love to know about your fit life and your routine to stay healthy while writing.  You can leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram @hellothisisbarbara.

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While I am wellness coach (yoga instructor, etc.), I am not a doctor.  So, typical disclaimer stuff:  Talk to your doctor before trying any new exercise regimen.  The advice I give here is an example of what works for me (the writer, Barbara Burgess), and may not be appropriate for you.  Once again, I am not telling you how to live your life.  Blah, blah, blah.  Full disclaimer here:


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