New Children’s Book, First Novella Draft Complete, Back to the Gym

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Long time, no type–on here anyway.

I’ve been super productive lately.  Here’s what been going on:

New Children’s Book Launched

Today Fernando Learns About Sharing officially launched!  This is our (my and Duncan’s) fourth Fernando the Cat book.  Each one gets better and better.

Making children’s books is way fun, and you should try it.

All of our children’s books are $10.99 until the 5th.  At which time, the prices will increase to $12.99.  Just a friendly heads up.  (

SciFi Book to Come

Last month, I dedicated all of my spare time to writing a soft sci-fi that I’ve wanted to write for a while.  I am happy to report that the first official draft is complete!  Yay!

My plans are to let it rest for up to two weeks.  Part of me wants to start working on it again tomorrow, but it is important to let a draft rest.  So, rest it shall.

I have a writing and editing schedule in play with a publication date:  July 1st


I have had a newsletter form at the top of this site for a while, but I had no plan for it all.  With this new book coming out in the summer, I thought why not start using the newsletter.

So, here’s how the newsletter works:  No garbage.  One email a month with updates.  Boom.  Done.  After you subscribe, you’ll get the first and only autoresponders telling you how you can easily follow me on your social media platform of choice and how I use social media.  Then, we’re done.

On the 5th of each month, I will send out a newsletter.  Clean and simple.

Books on Nashville

Back to the children’s books–Fernando Learns About Asking was on Nashville recently!  Whoa dang!


And, we might see another one of our children’s books on there in the future!  😉

Back to the Gym

I know we are all sick of me talking about my rib injury and getting the flu, so here’s the last bit of that:  I’m better, and I’m back to my five day a week training plan.  Yoga happens seven days a week.  Meditation happens seven days a week.

I am the machine!

What I Read in February

This is literally the only thing I finished reading in February because I was writing so much.

I vote this comic the best of ever.  Read Sleepless.  Read it now.


Okay, that’s it.

End of blog.

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