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*I know you aren’t supposed to let people see your poopy first drafts, but I took a writing class on Saturday in which I wrote two short essays (first drafts).  Here is one written from this prompt – Write about the first trip you remember taking.

I remember it was sticky hot when we loaded the truck bed with blankets, books, and a battery powered radio with a cassette in both decks.

Jessica and I crawled over the tailgate and took our places.  The tailgate slammed and the engine started.  We were 12 years old.  We were hitting the road to North Carolina.

While I am certain we stopped for food and bathroom breaks, I remember none.  I do remember a hotel room with orange coverlet and smoke stained blinds.

I also remember the only outing we made in North Carolina:  A trip to Myrtle Beach.

Jessica was stoked.  She was self-confident in her swim attire and eager to jump into the ocean despite the fact that clouds, sands, and waters were gray and dingy.

I walked into the water until it hit my knees. A wave hit me, and I froze.

It was the first time I had seen the ocean.

Jessica was one with jellyfish bobbing in and out of waves without fear.

No sooner did a second wave strike my knees did my dad shout, “Okay.  Let’s go.”

Emily looked confused.

We had seen the ocean.  We set out to do a thing, and we did it.  Now, we were done, and it was time to go back home.

Jessica grimaced the whole ride back to Nashville.  I had no idea why.

I would not visit North Carolina again until my early thirties.  I did not visit the ocean.  I had already seen it.


If you all decide to use the prompt and write a little blog post about the first trip you remember, I would love to read them.  You can link me to your posts via the comments section below.

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