About B.A. Burgess

Hello, this is Barbara.

I’m a writer, writing facilitator, and amateur anthropologist.

This is a personal log which means I may write about the craft of writing in one post, and then follow that post with something about my favorite chocolate bar (it’s the milk chocolate hazelnut bar by Ferrero Rocher, by the by).

Feeling overwhelmed by everyone's urging to turn HelloThisIsBarbara into a personal brand about one specific topic, I decided to just not.

If you are looking for my blog that is specifically focused on the joy, craft, and business of writing, please click here.


I’m a multi-genre writer, and I write under different author voices. You can find my books anywhere books are sold. Feel free to visit Pilgrim Fowl Press to see my books and books by my author friends.

Writing Facilitator

I started teaching writing online after I had taught a few friends how to use my children’s book writing system. You can find the original How To Write A Children’s Book in 7 Days or Less course on Skillshare, Udemy, or on my personal courses platform.

Amateur Anthropologist

Everything else I’m interested in can be summed up by the study of people and cool things people have done and are doing.

People are weird. Being a person myself, I take no offense to this statement.

I added the title “amateur anthropologist” to my bio, because I didn’t know how to explain myself otherwise. Renaissance person implies I have expert level skills at many things. Multipotentialite implies a lack of follow through. Polymath was another runner up, but I don’t know that I am ready to call myself that just yet.

Regardless, I landed on Amateur Anthropologist, because I like to learn about the culture of humanity at large. I think we are all being amateur anthropologists as we read our books, watch our movies, and learn crafts and skills developed by others.


Here is a list of all of the books, projects, hobbies, businesses, side hustles, etc. I have categorized them, added a brief description, and a link for you.

Please keep in mind that I have the following as well: A full-time job, a spouse, and a step-person. Everything I accomplish is in 10 to 30-minute intervals over stretches of time. I’m racing no one. I always aim for a minimum viable product and improve upon that as I go.

I mention this because if you have been wanting to do a ton of projects, but have been waiting for the right time or time in general, I’m here to preach the gospel of MVP - Minimum viable product.  Do what you want when you can.  Eventually, you’ll have a list like this:


Of Pie and Counting: An Action Judy Story (2021) | Short Story

Robocall (2021) | Short Story

Chills Collection Vol. 2 (2021) | Short Written Pieces Suitable for Young and Seasoned Readers

Chills Collection Vol.1 (2020) | Short Story Collection

How to Write a Children’s Book (2020) | Non-fiction

Licorice in the Time of COVID-19: An Action Judy Story (2020) | Action Short Story

A Christmas Rideshare by Lily Dae (2019) | Lesbian Holiday Romance

An Eartha & Audi Story by Barbara Ann Burgess (2017) | Newborn to Kindergarten

An Eartha & Audi Story: Coloring Book Edition by Barbara Ann Burgess (2017) | Newborn to Kindergarten

Fernando Learns About Sharing by Barbara Ann Burgess (2018) | Newborn to Kindergarten

Fernando Learns About Helping by Barbara Ann Burgess (2017) | Newborn to Kindergarten

Fernando Learns About Asking by Barbara Ann Burgess (2017) | Newborn to Kindergarten

Fernando Learns About Asking: Coloring Book Edition by Barbara Ann Burgess (2017) | Newborn to Kindergarten


Hello. This is Barbara’s Courses Page | Courses

Simply Journaling | Skillshare

How to Write a Family Newsletter | Skillshare

How to Write a Children’s Book | Skillshare & Udemy

How to Write a Short Story | Skillshare & Udemy


Pilgrim Fowl Press (2019) | Small Press

Hello. This is Writing (2022) | Writing Courses, Workshops, and Blog Posts

Barbara Take My Picture (2022) | Documentary Photography

WHOLEPERSONal Training -formally THEYOGADOER and YOGARTONLINE (2002) | Health & Wellness Demystified

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